Read actual Pal Button stories from families like yours

My wife felt faint and pushed her PAL Button. I wasn’t home. She had a stroke and was saved from permanent damage because of PAL’s quick response.


Nassau County

PAL Button has been so responsive to my Mom’s needs that living a distance from her has become easier. Thank for your exceptional service.



I have worn PAL Button for years and tell everyone. Recently I used my PAL BUTTON on the golf course to help my friend in an emergency. Now people believe me when I tell them that it is a “lifesaver”. Thank you

Dr. H.


PAL travels with us when we go home to Michigan and when we visit kids in Texas. The portability of PAL is so convenient.
I give PAL 5 stars



Being stuck in the tub was embarrassing. Thank you for your discretion and for getting me the help I needed.
PAL service gets a 5 star thank you


Lady Lakes FL.

We went from a family of 5, to a family of 2. My mom in Florida, and me in Chicago. It is so hard to be so far away if a crisis arises. Mom feels very independent, (at age 90) to leave her much loved home in the villages, to come back here. I am unable to leave my job to move there. After much research, and word of mouth, I found a solution! Pal button! It has taken SO much worry out of both of our lives. They really are there 24 / 7. Even if she never pushes the button, they still check on her! It has given us both, peace of mind. God bless the people that work there. Fantastic, helpful, calming, caring people. Thank you so very much for taking such good care of my mom. You have gone above and beyond. Fyllis and Linda, I will never forget you, and how much you do for people. Continue to do great things, as it means so much to others. On a side note, to all the moms and dads lucky enough to get this, USE IT! Don’t be afraid to push the button!!! The person on the other end really do want to help you! It does not matter what time of day or night it is. Push the button. My rant is over : – )