Tele-Health remote patient monitoring (RPM)

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) has been utilized for more than two decades, and continues to grow and evolve, Pal Button is ready to respond to the needs of our clients. We are constantly innovating to redefine what’s possible with RPM. Our goal is to help seniors thrive by creating better resources for physicians to connect and communicate with their patients.

RPM solutions create a two-way communication environment where the patient provides information regularly through active participation in their own treatment. The physician can review the information and reach out when there are concerns. Contact PAL Button to learn about possible RPM solutions that fit your unique requirements.

Benefits of Pal Button RPM Patient monitoring:systems:

  • Plug and play 4G cellular communications device integrating Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology that enables connectivity to a variety of devices and sensors to ensure comprehensive data collection.
  • High communication reliability. Our RPM systems are never down because of lost Wi-Fi connection, so you’re always in touch with the patient.
  • 3-day battery backup for no worries communication with your patients.
  • Voice powers secure, voice-first, and conversational bots that improve patient engagement and education while reducing operational costs.
  • A unique 2-way cellular hub with a voice-centric communication medium, helps simplify treatment plans, improve compliance, and increase the benefit for all members of the healthcare ecosystem.

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